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English Name : Indian Sarsaparila

English Name: Barleria

English Name : Beleric Myrobalans

English Name: Camphor

English Name: Carom Seeds

English Name: Cedrus

English Name: Chebulic Myrobalan

English Name: Cinnamon

English Name: Clove

English Name: Cubeb

English Name: Eucalyptus

English Name: Gooseberry

English Name: Gum Arabic Tree

English Name: Indian Madder

English Name: Indian Medler

English Name: Jamun

English Name: Jujubes

English Name: Lemon Grass

English Name: Liquorice Root

English Name : Mayweed Plant

English Name: Mustard

English Name: Oak, Magic Nuts

English Name: Palmarosa

English Name: Peppermint

English Name: Sappan Wood

English Name: Turmeric

English Name: Walnut

English Name: Wintergreen

  1. The importance of ayurveda has been acknowledged since the Vedic era. The ancient medicinal system takes a deeper approach by treating the root cause instead of the symptoms. Ayurvedic practitioners emphasize on adopting a healthy lifestyle and bringing about holistic change by:

  1. * Eating the right food and maintaining a good diet

  2. * Practicing yoga on a regular basis

  3. * Replacing conventional products with 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs 

  4. A lot of the ayurvedic ingredients have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Experts have backed the efficiency and benefits of ayurvedic ingredients for skin and ayurvedic ingredients for hair. They also act as immunity-boosters, which were widely used as home remedies to counter the ill effects of Covid-19. Some ingredients help in improving and maintaining your sleep-wake cycles. You can find the best ayurvedic ingredients for common skin allergies, rashes and inflammation. Some of these herbs help to control and keep diabetes in check. As blood purifiers they act fast and show quick results.

  5. Browse through our range of products with effective ayurvedic ingredients that suit you the best. 
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