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Indian Madder / Manjishtha

English Name :   Indian Madder 
Hindi NameManjishtha

Indian madder uses of Manjishtha uses have been around for centuries. This perennial climber is known for its blood-purifying capacities as it decongests tissues and helps you detoxify properly. This vine-like plant easily goes through your system and acts mainly on the arterial and circulatory system. The name literally translates as “bright red” owing to its red roots. It is known to calm your aggravated pitta and decongest kapha. Below are the highlights of the Indian madder benefits for skin, blood flow, menstruation and kidney.

What is Indian Madder or Manjishtha?

Indian Madder colloquially known as manjishtha is a plant whose root has so much to offer. Ayurvedic practitioners have promoted Manjishtha uses for curing:

* Kidney stones

* Menstrual problems

* Urinary problems

* Blood disorders

Benefits of Indian Madder

Let’s get into the details of Indian madder benefits for skin, kidney, menstruation and blood disorders.


Any sort of inflammation causes discomfort. The Indian Madder root has anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce and heal – redness, joint pain, swelling, and arthritis.

Healthy Menstruation

The root subdues dysmenorrhea pain and encourages blood flow during your menstrual cycle. Acting as a blood purifier, manjishtha helps women suffering from PCOD, and restores uterus health. This is one of the unique Indian madder uses, which is rarely available in other ayurvedic ingredients.

Raises Blood Count

Many studies show Manjishtha helps raise white blood cell counts, which reduces symptoms of leukopenia and many other blood-related diseases.

Helps kidney

As an antispasmodic agent, Indian madder helps contain ruberythric acid, in turn, lowering calcium and magnesium. This avoids the formation of bladder stones and keeps your kidney clean.

Indian madder benefits for skin are abundant. Improving blood circulation, decongesting tissue and keeping the kidney helps in attaining a good complexion and clean skin. You could mix 100 grams of manjishtha root powder with 50 grams of turmeric and sandalwood to create a paste. You can thicken the paste and add dried ground orange peels for its astringent quality. Your very own homemade root face mask.

Other Indian Madder or Manjishtha uses


* Take a quarter or half teaspoon of Manjistha powder

* Add some honey and stir it well

* You can even add it to water

* Take it before lunch and dinner. Twice a day. 

For Skin

* Mix 1 teaspoon of manjistha powder with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

* You could add 1 teaspoon of neem powder, water and a tiny amount of turmeric

* You could add some rose water for fragrance

* Make it into a paste

* Apply all over affected skin areas.

* You can even use it as a mask.

* Wash your face once you take off the mask after 30 minutes

Above are all the information you may need to know about this plant, and hope you find the best results with Indian Madder uses or manjishtha uses. 

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