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Mustard / Rai 

English Name : Mustard
Hindi NameRai

Its seeds spruce up your tadka and its paste intensifies your hotdogs. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about none other than the spice with the most zing, mustard. Mustard uses are continuously growing as people keep experimenting with this ever-giving plant. It is native to the Mediterranean region from where it has reached out to the corners of the world as a culinary enhancer, and for its medicinal properties. Mustard benefits in traditional medicine have been documented in the Greek and Roman civilizations. Even today it helps lower blood sugar levels and protects from infections effectively. 

What Is Mustard (Rai)?

The pungent seeds belong to the Brassicaceae family, which is available in white or yellow form. While brown mustard is popular in India, its yellow variant is preferred in the west.

Mustard (Rai) Health Benefits

This tiny wonder plant is rich in protein, fibre, vitamin C and B-complex. While there are many health benefits, it is popularly known to relieve muscular pains and respiratory disorders. Some experts have shown its use in treating cancer and diabetes.

Great for Muscles

Acetic acid is important for your muscles, especially for your leg muscle contractions. Mustard is a great source of acetic acid for your body, in turn, helping relieve muscle pain and spasms.

Builds Bones

Mustard gives you the right amount of potassium and calcium to build strong bones and joints. The anti-arthritic property provides relief from arthritis and has been used since ancient times. Take one teaspoon of powder and unravel mustard benefits that work efficiently in building and maintaining quality bones and joints

Skin Protection

Mustard use has been benefiting people suffering from psoriasis and fungal diseases like ringworms, which are the prime reason for itchiness and inflammation. The special compounds in mustard seeds and oil give you healthier skin. Ground mustard seeds are mixed with aloe vera and applied on the affected areas for great results.

Reduces Cough, Cold & Congestion

It is one of the finest home remedies to treat cold and cough. People use mustard packs to relieve oneself from harmful respiratory conditions and congestion.

Best for Hair

Millions of Indians enjoy mustard benefits for hair. The oil is rich in nutrition with manganese and copper, which is good for hair growth. As it is filled with antioxidants, mustard oil fights bacteria that blocks hair growth. It also acts as the perfect conditioning agent due to fatty acids present in them. You can start using mustard if you have dry, damaged or dehydrated hair.

For foodies

This low-calorie condiment is highly flavoured and is used to enhance many Indian dishes. You can add it to your tadka, which instantly changes the taste of curries and vegetable preparations.

The best part is that you can use its seeds and leaves, which make it a versatile plant. Let us break the mustard health benefits into quick points for you to remember:

* It contains several antioxidants

* It has antibacterial qualities

* Its antifungal and antiviral properties keep bacteria at bay

* It has great anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Mustard uses are growing and will continue as a home remedy and food enhancer for years to come.

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