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Make these 3 Resolutions for 2023 Using Turmeric Lotion for Skin

Make these 3 Resolutions for 2023 Using Turmeric Lotion for Skin

Yes, it is that time of the year, and our suggested resolutions will help you explore turmeric lotion benefits. Since the pandemic, Vicco turmeric lotion for skin has seen a rise in demand as many people are health-conscious and focused on self-care. Especially, natural skincare tops the list. So go ahead and buy a turmeric lotion for skin that can be used across your body.

Why does Ayurveda promote turmeric lotion benefits?

But remember the resolutions listed below and get more out of your skincare routine and turmeric lotion for skin in the coming year.

You need to moisturize every day

We know you have heard this a lot of times. But this is the golden rule of skin care that never fails to impress. The common misconception is to use moisturizer only when the issue escalates. For e.g. people would moisturize only when there would be excessively dry and torn skin. They undermine the fact that oily skin doesn't need moisturizing. This is because people get confused with "dry" and "dehydrated" skin. Let us explain:

  • People with dry skin lack sebum while people with oily skin have more of it. Vicco Turmeric lotion for skin works on both types of skin.

  • Dehydrated skin lacks water. Natural turmeric lotion benefits every skin type by hydrating your skin for longer periods.

You need to cleanse twice a day

Wash thoroughly every morning, and before you go to bed at night. Experts have always emphasized this fact, but many people tend to forget or neglect this gem of an advice. Regular cleansing removes impurities, cleans your pores, helps exfoliate, and gets rid of dry and oily skin. It is a must for women who wear makeup or suffer from extreme skin conditions. You need to follow it up with Vicco turmeric lotion to moisturize your skin.

Use natural products for lasting results

Unlike chemical-based mass-produced skin creams, Vicco offers a range designed with natural and organic ingredients that are made without harmful chemicals. This means there are zero side effects like conventional products.

With the regular use of Vicco turmeric lotion you are assured of:

  • Radiant and glowing skin
  • Delayed skin ageing
  • Greater skin tone and texture
  • Hydrated and happy skin
  • Lesser skin issues

How to make the best use of turmeric lotion benefits?

  • During the day we advise applying a lighter moisturizer while using a heavier one at night.

  • Start by washing your face with a mild face wash before you apply moisturizer. Pat your face dry before applying.

  • Dermatologists recommend you take out a moisturizer that is equivalent to the shape of ₹. 1 coin. That is a good measure of moisturizer for your face. It is the small things that help you gain turmeric lotion benefits.

  • Start applying the moisturizer gently on your skin using upward strokes. Never press, pull or use rigorous movements. A gentle massage is great for blood flow.

  • Give the moisturizer 30 minutes to soak into your skin. It is advised to apply the cream 2 hours before you go to bed as you could waste it by rubbing it off on your pillow!

Applying moisturizer can feel like an extra step every day. But remind yourself of the turmeric lotion benefits, and lasting effects of Vicco turmeric lotion.

When you love your skin, you will care for it!

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