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5 Tips on the Importance of Skin Care & How to Keep it Young for Long

5 Tips on the Importance of Skin Care & How to Keep it Young for Long

There’s nothing more beautiful than clear, soft and radiant complexion. But regular skin care allows you to stay healthy and beautiful in every way. Many people are blindsided by the importance of skincare and its lasting effects if you take good care. It is not just about eradicating the skin problem or dealing with the issue for the moment. You should aim for having great, glowing and slow ageing skin in the long run. It is all about the right products, techniques and routines that ensure longevity. But unless you understand the importance of skin care you will not be motivated to continue caring for your skin.

Here are 5 tips on how to take care of your skin every day, that ensure lasting results. These define why is skin care important!

Natural Products

To improve your skin you not only need to use something but also make sure that you use good products. The right skin care can really make a difference in your appearance and lifestyle. There are also many products to choose from that work on your skin. Vicco offers an expansive range of ayurvedic products that are good for you and your skin. All products are made from rich turmeric, aloe vera and many other skin-nourishing and curative natural ingredients. The importance of skincare and great products give you the desired results in no time.


Cleansing is equally important. Twice a day is the bare minimum. Vicco’s natural face wash is designed for all types of skin. Always dry your skin by patting it with a soft cloth.


Your skin needs hydration. That is you need Vicco Turmeric Cream moisturizes and nourishes your skin offering intensive care. Rich, natural Turmeric is used to restore your natural glow, repair skin and treat uneven tones and suit all skin types. Nourish your skin, enhance your tonal value, and cure and maintain your skin with Vicco Turmeric Body Lotion. Unless you carefully follow all the steps mentioned above you will end up with zero results. That is you need to understand the importance of skincare.


You need to remove dead skin from the outer layer of your skin. But exfoliation is not for everyone. The process could do more harm than good if not done properly. Your exfoliation method matters. Here are some effects of exfoliating on various skin types:

  • People with dry, acne-prone or sensitive skin should use a mild non-chemical exfoliator
  • Oily or thicker skin may need mechanical exfoliation along with a natural product that Vicco offers 


No one teaches you the importance of skin care like the sun. But there is ample information on the damaging effects of the sun. But did you know that even your computer can damage your skin? The blue light emitted from the screen can damage your skin. Your computer or laptop screen emits light that’s as harmful as UV rays emitted from the sun. Other than sunscreen you can use a moisturizer with SPF while working in front of the screen for a longer period. Remember to wash your face and reapply sunscreen every three hours.

In today's busy world, products that help with stress and maintain healthy skin are important. Contrary to popular belief, your skin changes with age. If you neglect anti-ageing techniques and products, you will end up regretting it later in life. That is why understanding the importance of skin care is crucial.

Skin care is important, and it’s not just about looking good! It is much more than that.

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