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What is Gingivitis : Types, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Gingivitis : Types, Symptoms and Treatment
Are you noticing some pink in the sink every morning while brushing? Or do suffer from red, swollen and sore gums? These are gingivitis symptoms. It’s very common and with home remedies for gingivitis, the treatment gets easier. But it is crucial that you know what is gingivitis before you start with remedies.

Gum disease that include gingivitis is a periodontitis ailment that infects and damages the soft tissues in the mouth. As the condition progresses it can lead to advanced gingivitis, which is a harmful and dangerous form of the same. Lack of treatment is the major cause of tooth loss and gingivitis cure is crucial

Why does Gingivitis Occur?

There is always some level of bacteria present in our mouths. Good oral hygiene controls the overall spread of bacteria but does not eliminate it. The prime reason for gum diseases are bacteria build-up in your mouth. Properly brushing, flossing and gingivitis treatment at home is all you need to keep the bacteria away.

Types Gingivitis

  • On type of gingivitis is dental plaque-induced and it’s a common one. The plaque build-up can irritate ones gums, which could lead to inflammation, some kind of discoloration and pain.
  • On the other hand, non-plaque-induced gingivitis can be caused due to bacterial, fungal or a viral infection. Some signs of the same include, illnesses and allergic reactions. Foreign bodies can create incremental problems.
  • Professionals have also noticed that people using dentures could suffer from this type of gingivitis. Both these types can quickly result to serious periodontitis issues which may call for some drastic treatments.  Our goal is to avoid periodontitis which is a severe condition sometimes leading to loss of teeth.

What are the signs of Gingivitis?

Gingivitis prevention starts with understanding the problem -

  • If you notice any room between the gum and the tooth, that’s an indication of injury or gingivitis
  • If you have puffy, swollen and sore gums you need to check for gingivitis
  • Tender, red or bleeding are major red flags
  • Loose teeth could also indicate signs of gingivitis

Gingivitis ayurvedic treatment is an organic way to cure the oral issue. Ayurvedic ingredients save you from chemicals used by conventional and mass produced remedies.

Preventing gum diseases are a must!
Gum diseases like gingivitis are related to respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes  and coronary artery disease in many cases. Home remedies for gingivitis and gingivitis ayurvedic treatment are commonly preferred.

These simple steps lead to great effects -

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss at least once
  • Schedule routine dental examinations
  • Get your teeth every six months

Treatment is highly effective in early stages by noticing gingivitis symptoms. When the symptoms go untreated your gum disease worsens over time. We always advise that it's important to get yourself checked by a dentist before taking any home remedy or medication suggested online.

So the next time you are brushing take some time out to notice the state of your gums. It’s all about maintaining the pink colour of your gums and making sure they are firmly holding your teeth while you bite into something delicious.

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