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7 ways to make your skin Pro-summer

7 ways to make your skin Pro-summer

Whether you enjoy the Indians summers or try escaping it,  you need to take care of your skin. Be it indoor or outdoor, it’s important to repair and rejuvenate with a summer skin care routine. It’s that time of the year where you ditch those heavy moisturisers and serums and replace it with lightweight skincare products. Even your skin needs a break!

Exposure to the sun is harmful as it is harsh on your skin. In many cases people end up with skin damage in as little as 15 minutes of being in the sun. But life is not that harsh. With the right routine you can prevent your skin from sun damage.  The best thing is to use products that reinvigorate your skin, especially those that are made from natural products. As per studies the effects of turmeric skin cream are plentiful. Even ayurvedic cream for skin is the best solution during summers.

Here are some ways to care for your skin and create a skincare routine for summer

Hydrate: Drink fresh fruit juices made of vitamin C, Vitamin E, Carotenoids, etc. If you do not like juices load up on watermelon, pineapple, grapes and papaya for their nutritional and hydrating qualities. And, 4 litres of water every day prevents you from sun damage.

Sleep is beautiful: Stress could be dangerous. Hence it’s important to be well-rested to prevent acne, dark circles, puffiness, etc. Do not forget to develop a skin care routine for summer before you go to bed.

Go Chemical free: Turmeric is known for its high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the best option for skin care. Vicco’s WSO range of turmeric based skin care products have been healing Indians for centuries. A trusted product by young and old.  

Moisturise More: The dry air could be a hassle. Though the skin is not as dry as it is in the winters you need to moisturise. Use lighter moisturisers during summers.

Wear sunscreen, even indoor: A minimum of SPA 30 will work well. Get a water-resistant sunscreen as you tend to sweat when in the heat. This is the best protection you can give your skin rom UVA & UVB.

As light as cotton: Choose comfort over fashion. Breathable cotton fabrics with lighter shades are perfect. Slip into your baggy clothes and step out.

Exfoliate Twice A Day:
Sunscreen and sweat do not go well. That is where exfoliation helps unclog the pores and reduces blemishes. It removes the debris left on the skin and lets you keep your pores clean. 

Natural products are always safer. A turmeric skin cream or ayurvedic cream for skin works wonders. Maintaining a routine, using natural products and some TLC for your skin is all you need. So the next time you are in the sun let your skin have some fun.

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