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Bad Breath? Don’t have the cure? Learn the true art of oral care!

Bad Breath? Don’t have the cure? Learn the true art of oral care!

Everyone aspires to have great teeth and a beautiful smile. But that does not come easy. We all forget the importance and need to have a healthy oral care routine.

For ages, experts have emphasized the importance of effective oral care hygiene in daily life as it prevents decaying, decolouring, plaque, cavities and other teeth and gum ailments.

And the most common issue of all which we often wonder about, is what causes bad breath? It happens due to myriad reasons such as food particles being stuck, bacteria, bad brushing habits and more.

Vicco has always propagated the need for effective oral hygiene practices for strong teeth, preventing bad breath, having healthy gums and maintaining overall health.

Let us start by understanding what is halitosis?

This oral health problem causes bad-smelling breath. In fact, your bad breath is the best way to find out if you have halitosis. This is a  preventable condition if you follow good oral care techniques.

To master the art you need to pay attention to tiny details, and following a few steps will ensure healthy teeth and gums.

Brushing Mindfully
We all are used to start brushing on the outer sides of our teeth. You end up paying less attention to the inner or back side of your teeth. To do so move your brush gently up and down to get out any food particles. Make sure you start brushing your upper teeth and follow that by brushing your lower teeth. One of the most popular oral care practices is to focus on each tooth.

The 45°  Rule
This is the golden rule of bad breath cure. Since many have bad brushing techniques they end up with plaque which could cause your breath to stink. Dentists advise you to tilt your brush at a 45° angle for best resultsThis helps you clean your gums to release any trapped plaque and food debris. Pay emphasis on creating short yet wide strokes.

Watch What You Eat
Your teeth help break down food particles. But if they get lodged in your teeth and gums it causes foul odour. Hence, avoid eating onions, garlic and spices that cause bad breath. Even tobacco can have a harmful effect.

You need to understand that oral hygiene is important for bad breath cure:

1. Reduces Tooth Decay
It is the primary reason for dental issues. As you eat, food particles get stuck in your teeth, which later result in bacteria. These oral bacteria create tartar and damage your gums over time. Maintaining a routine of brushing and flossing fights tooth decay and is one of the primary oral care practices.

2. Healthy Gums
Start by understanding what causes bad breath? In the process of attaining a great smile and whiter teeth, we all forget about caring for our gums. Inflammation and decay can set you back by years. Weaker gums lead to tooth loss and affect your jawbone. Periodontitis is one of the most common gum issues that damage the soft tissue. And bad breath is directly related to bad gums.

Your teeth need a lot of care and time compared to what you spare. Individuals need to understand the importance of oral care. We hope this knowledge helps you start a healthy oral care routine and maintain those pearly whites and strong gums.
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