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Recommended by Experts and Certified by Consumers – These are the Best Body Care Products!

Recommended by Experts and Certified by Consumers – These are the Best Body Care Products!

It shows that you care about your body as you are reading this article. This comprehensive piece explains why body care is important, along with  body care tips and best body care products you can use.

What does body care mean?

Body care is a broader term that refers to caring for your entire body. This article concentrates on caring for the skin on your body. It is the largest part and acts as the first layer of protection. 15% of your body weight is due to your skin as it:

  • Holds body fluids
  • Protects you from external damaging elements 
  • Keeps harmful microbes out

It acts as a shield against infections, and hence, needs to be treated well. Exactly why you need the luxuriously textured body care products from Vicco that are made using 100% natural ingredients. Backed by the ancient science of Ayurveda, Vicco body care products are good for people with different skin types. Its natural ingredients protect and rejuvenate your skin making them the best body care products for regular use.

It is surprising that people tend to have a skincare routine but nothing for their entire body. It’s important as what goes on your skin eventually enters your body. The absorption level is high as your skin is porous. Here are some body care tips that come in handy to repair and maintain your skin

  1. Go for a gentle routine
  2. Avoid harsh, skin-damaging products
  3. Lesser bath time is better
  4. Shave carefully with the right products
  5. Always pat dry with a towel
  6. Moisturize skin daily

Let’s get deeper into the 6 points mentioned above to understand why body care is important. Any strong soap or cleanser can strip oil from your skin, which dries your skin and leads to many problems. On the other hand, hot water baths and long showers also strip off essential oils from your skin. Hence you protect and hydrate your skin at all times by moisturising. In fact, moisturisers even help fight changing weather, pollution and other external elements that can be damaging for your skin. Finally, experts advise you to watch out for your shaving habits. They recommend shaving creams made from natural products like Vicco Turmeric Shaving Cream in a foam base, which produces great lather, and acts as a buffer between the razor blade and your skin.

Here are some steps to choose the best body care products:

  1. Always look out for harmful ingredients like toxic chemicals, artificial colour and synthetic fragrances.  
  2. The products should not have formaldehyde, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, siloxanes, triclosan, or parabens.
  3. Always choose natural products as they are safe for you and the environment

Every Vicco product safely treats your skin, helps you maintain its quality for long and eventually gives you the body care essentials that protect and repair your skin. It contains a fine selection of purifying herbs, refreshing floral extracts and skin nourishing elements.

Sometimes it’s the small changes that create a large impact. Start by making the following changes and see the difference!

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