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More Conscious Men Opt for Revolutionary Dry Skin Shaving Products

More Conscious Men Opt for Revolutionary Dry Skin Shaving Products

Looking for a shaving routine for dry skin?  It's all here! Let us guide you on how to use the right products, create the perfect men shaving routine, and give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

Other than the right shaving foam for men, It is important you watch your skin and how it reacts to the weather and products. Dry skin shaving has its limitation that can be overcome with these tips shared by us. 

Keeping it simple

The secret to keeping your skin smooth, soft, and hydrated is to shave with a gentle razor and moisturize after each shave. Men shaving with this routine find faster and more effective results.

Choosing a good razor

For dry skin type, it is important to use a safe razor. It's for men who want a close and comfortable shave and get the best results doing it manually. You could always opt for other razors but a safety razor is game-changing for dry skin shaving.

Using the apt shaving cream

If you have dry skin and find that your skin feels tight after shaving, we recommend Vicco’s naturally made shaving cream. This moisturizing formula soothes and hydrates while providing protection against razor burns, bumps, and little nicks.

Wet shaving saves the day

The wet shaving routine for dry skin type is designed just for you. You'll get an incredibly comfortable shave and the results you've always wanted.

Moisturizing is a must

If you're sick of irritation, redness, rashes and other skin issues then you need a moisturizing shave. Vicco lets you build this routine with its great products.

Stop using soaps

Shave soaps are ancient products. You need the goodness of natural products from Vicco for a clean and fresh shave.

Vicco Turmeric In Shaving Cream Base has been a favourite for a long time. The cream features a fine mix of turmeric and other natural ingredients which is made from the rich science of Ayurveda. Your skin is moisturised while lathering which makes for a closer and cleaner shaving experience. The antiseptic property of turmeric helps to heal cuts and nicks while protecting your skin. You can always count on this natural shaving cream for a clean, smooth and soothing shave. It maintains its gold standards after all these years.

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