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8 Useful Body Care Tips & Tricks You Should Know

8 Useful Body Care Tips & Tricks You Should Know

There is no magic or miracle to get glowing and youthful skin. You need to care for your skin and give it all the love that it needs. The combination of the best body care products with the right body care tips will give you the desired results.

For starters, you need to know what you want to achieve from your body care routine:

  • Resolve an existing issue
  • Get into a regular routine
  • Look for the best body care products that suit you
Many of us concentrate on a facial regime, and tend to neglect body care quite often. It could be due to a lack of time, awareness or the lack of products. Body care is much simpler than you think. You need to maintain a habit and eventually it will be an effortless part of your day.


Why is Body Care Important?

  • Regular routines give you a beautiful glow
  • A rejuvenated body is less prone to infections and ageing
  • Great skin boosts confidence

Vicco body care products have been at the forefront with an exclusive range designed with you in mind. Their natural products steeped in ayurvedic science ensures your skin is fine, glowing and youthful. Once you have set a goal and have the right Vicco product these body care tips should help you set the ball rolling.

  • Regular baths
  • This may sound odd but a lot of people avoid bathing for days. Experts have always advised you to take off the dirt, grime and effects of pollution that damage your skin. Fighting external and atmospheric elements why is body care important.

  • Body Lotion for Hydration
    Your skin needs to be hydrated for long and at the right time of the day. If your cells underneath the skin lose too much water it loses its lustre. Wrinkles and quick ageing is obvious.

  • Body Lotion variants
    You can choose gel variants or fruity lotions depending on your skin. Experts advise the best time to soak in some body lotion is just after a shower. Choosing the best body care products also makes a big difference. This is one of the best body care tips you would ever get.

  • Only Natural products
    With no harmful chemicals you are assured of no skin issues or side effects. All Vicco products are made for healing and ultra-moisturising as they are enriched with the best skin-nourishing ingredients.

  • Natural Sunscreen tops the list!
    It is surprising how many people avoid sunscreen. Experts and dermatologists advice using sunscreen even when you are home to save your skin from the harmful effect of rays coming from your computer. As sunscreen does not last for long you are advised to apply it twice a day.

  • 4 litres of water every day
    8 glasses of water every day is a must. Your water routine is the only solution to wash away toxins and rejuvenate your body. This is one of the prime body care tips you would ever get.

  • Exfoliate Always
    Your body is shedding skin cells every minute and every day. An efficient body scrub works wonders for your skin.

  • Keep monitoring
    Keep noticing the changes to your skin. Also, look at the effects of different skin and body care products. Detecting any issue at the earliest help.

    When applying Vicco’s moisturising and exfoliating cream you need to:
  • Apply the product with constant circular movements
  • You should start from your shoulders and go all the way down
  • Get into a routine for lasting effect

    It is more than soaping and showering. Only when you love your skin is when it will love you back. That is why body care is important!

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