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Moisturizer for Dry, Oily and Acne Prone Skin

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During the pandemic self-care has taken precedence. Skincare especially tops the list. But many discerning individuals do not include moisturizers in their daily routine. A good face moisturizer works wonders. Be it moisturizer for dry skin or a moisturizer for acne prone skin, choosing one that works for you and including it in your skincare routine is very important. But do you know what face moisturizers are and what they actually do?

Let’s start with understanding what are the benefits of a moisturizer for oily skin -

A lot of people have a misconception that if their skin is oily it doesn't need a moisturizer. In fact oily skin does not mean that your skin is hydrated. Often people get confused with "dry" and "dehydrated" skin and that’s where the confusion begins. Let us explain:

• People with dry skin lack sebum while people with oily skin have more of it.

• Dehydrated skin on the other hand lacks water

This means oily skin is not dry but maybe dehydrated. Remember that hydrated skin leads to healthier skin. Here is where moisturizers play an important role. The best moisturizer for face and moisturizer for oily skin is great for all weathers.

But case remains the same for people with sensitive skin. The best moisturizer for sensitive skin really matters as you could end up with dull, taut and flaky skin. Lack of moisturizer could even lead to wrinkles and fine lines. But you have to choose carefully. The right moisturizer for sensitive skin should not irritate your skin. Inflammation and itchiness are common side-effects if your skin does not agree with the moisturizer you have chosen. As many skincare products or environmental factors irritate sensitive skin you have to consult your doctor before you decide on one.

Vicco Turmeric Moisturizer cream is a great natural solution. Its lightweight formula provides deep nourishment and gives your skin the right natural radiance. Turmeric is known to heal skin for centuries and Vicco’s specialised production line has brought this organic ingredient to life with their wide range of products.

Vicco Turmeric Moisturizer cream benefits -

• Prevent the dryness caused in cold weather or even hot weather. At workplaces, centralized air- conditioning or indoor heat could be a major reason for dryness which can be tackled with Vicco Turmeric Moisturizer.

• Weather and bad environmental factors can take away the moisture from your skin. A great moisturizer saves you from the impact and even works to prevent future skin damage or loss of moisture.

• It helps you slow down the signs of Aging. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and keeps it from ageing which mean you could maintain a younger-looking skin. If you start early it helps in preventing future fine lines and wrinkles. Always check the firm and plump feeling you get after applying a moisturizer. The compounded effects and benefits of applying moisturizer on face is rewarding in the long run.

• Moisturizers are great in the fight against acne. Yes, it sounds strange. But why would anyone add more moisture to oil-prone skin? Dry skin demands for more production of oil, in turn making it oily. This could even clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Properly hydrated skin prevents any further damage and retains the oil that is needed.

• Sun is the biggest deterrent in maintaining good skin. It is crucial that you take the right measures for protection from the sun. A moisturizing product with SPF is great for winters and against harsh sun. This combo hydrates your skin and shields it from harmful UV rays. The next time look for a moisturizer for combination skin or opt for 2-in-1 moisturizer. You will thank us.

• Many people suffer from red and irritated skin. Some could even have dry and itchy patches. These are the signs of sensitive skin which needs special care. All you need to do is soothe your skin and use lesser skin care products. Sometimes only using a moisturizer could be beneficial.

You may want to know how to moisturise face, and when is a good time?

1. Twice a day is a must. Morning and night.

2. During the day we advise to apply a lighter moisturizer while using a heavier one at night.

3. Start by washing your face with a mild face wash before you apply moisturizer. Pat your face dry before applying.

4. Dermatologists recommend you take out moisturizer that is equivalent to the shape of ₹. 1 coin. That is a good measure of moisturizer for your face.

5. Start applying the moisturizer gently on your skin using upward strokes. Never press, pull use rigorous movements. A gentle massage is great for the blood flow.

6. Give the moisturizer 30 minutes to soak into your skin. It is advised to apply the cream 2 hours before you got to bed as you could waste it by rubbing it off on your pillow!

Vicco Turmeric Moisturizer has a rich lotion that hydrates and helps renew your skin’s glow. Packed with 100% turmeric, this cream is trusted by millions across the globe. No more harmful chemicals and quick remedies. Vicco moisturizer goes well with combination products making it versatile. It is filled with the required vitamins for your skin.

To achieve great and visible results it is important that you build it into your daily routine. While this article should help you choose a good moisturizer, we wanted to reiterate the 4 prime reasons to moisturize:

- Moisturize if you want healthy, glowing skin

- Moisturize to avoid recurring skin problems

- Moisturize to save your skin from the impact of changing weather

- Moisturize if you love your skin

Applying moisturizer can feel like an extra step every day. Beyond that, there are many other things moisturizers can do. But for now, let’s muster enough motivation to add a moisturizer that suits your skin in your skincare kit. Save your skin from damage, ageing or any skin problem. Basically, use a moisturizer and make everything else wait.

Remember, just like you, your skin needs some loving too!

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