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Indian Medler / Bakul

English Name : Indian Medler
Hindi NameBakul

PROPERTIES: Antimicrobial, antiviral, antiulcer, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycaemic, antioxidant, analgesic and diuretic

What is Bakul?

Mimusops elengi is also known as Bakul, Indian Medlar, Bulletwood tree, or Maulsari. This evergreen medicinal tree has scented flowers with edible parts that are used in various traditional practices. This native Indian tree is found in North and Peninsular India. The tender leaves or its unripe fruit are put through ayurvedic extraction processes ensuring that the medicinal qualities remain intact. This makes bakul tree uses to cure ailments, even better.

For many Hindus, it has religious importance and you can find it being mentioned in mythological texts. The best part of this tree is the fact that its bark and stems are also used for various Ayurvedic and folk medication purposes. The older generations would chew or make a paste to consume Bakul. The main components include:

* Sterols

* Tannins

* Spinasterol

* Taraxerol

* Flowers

* D-mannitol

* Beta-sitosterol

* Mimusopsic acids

It contains triterpenes and alkaloids, which are great for healing many ailments. The plentiful tree has the following properties that make bakul tree uses excellent:

* Antibacterial

* Antifungal

* Anticarcinogenic

* Free radical removal

* Antihyperglycemic

* Antineoplastic

* Gastroprotective

* Antinociceptive

* Diuretic effects

Other than Ayurveda, the tree is great for pharmacological products.

It treats overall oral health

The extracts from the Bakul tree are proven to be useful in treating bleeding gums, protecting your teeth and curing oral ulcers. This helps you fight tooth decay and toothache for prolonged periods. Many people suffering from bad mouth odour also benefit from bakul tree uses. This is also great for people with loose and sensitive teeth.

Prevents heart issues

Ayurvedic practitioners have been using the dried and powdered flowers of the Bakul plant to build heart health. It is known to improve the cardiovascular system and work on the same for longer periods. Many even use it to strengthen their bodies through regular consumption.

Used to improve fertility

The fruit pulp is known to improve fertility in women. For centuries expecting mothers have been treated with Bakul as it has chemicals that are great for women. In fact, expecting mothers are given measured doses to promote delivery. This is one of the finest bakul tree uses.

Good for urine production

Bakul is the best diuretic. In ayurveda, the bark extracts are given to patients with bladder inflammation, urinary retention and to promote urination.

Cures animal bites

It has a great healing effect if you have encountered an animal bite. The juice is administered in such cases which works against the poisonous effect if any. In the good old days, Bakul was extensively used to treat bites from snakes, scorpions, and insects.

The best way to optimise bakul tree uses:

If you do not have Bakul products you could directly chew the plant to cure bleeding gums and gingivitis. You could also create a cold infusion or decoction (of 40-50 ml) with the bark of the Bakul stem to treat diarrhoea, stomach issues, and even intestinal worms.

The next time you see a Bakul tree you know what to expect from it.

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