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Wintergreen / Gandharpura

English Name :  Wintergreen

Hindi NameLaung

Wintergreen is a group of aromatic plants whose leaves and oil have abundant healing, medicinal and therapeutic qualities. It reduces arthritis pain and spasms.

What is Wintergreen?

It was first discovered by Native Americans as a pain reliever for muscles and joints. It is commonly used and sold as an oil which is made by fermenting the plant followed by distillation. The end product is 100% pure methyl salicylate, which is potent and effective. Due to its common applications, it is easily available in many Indian households or at your nearest ayurvedic store.

With the rise of synthetic methyl salicylate people have been suffering from major side effects. For that reason, Vicco has the finest extract of this wonder plant for you to use. The primary health benefits of wintergreen products from Vicco include preventing and reducing:

* Arthritis Pains

* Spams & aches

* Gas

* Microbial infections

Important Health Benefits of Wintergreen 

Cures Arthritis

As the plant is rich in methyl salicylate, it helps reduce bone and joint pains. People suffering from rheumatism and arthritis have heavily benefited from it. When you mix menthol and methyl salicylate it has a cool and warm feeling when applied to the skin.

* Penetrates your muscle and tissues, and promotes blood circulation

* Helps in clearing obstructions in the blood flow – a major cause of arthritis

* Prevents accumulation of toxins like uric acid

Cures Spasms

This is one of the best health benefits of wintergreen. It has a relaxing effect that reduces spasms in the muscular, digestive and respiratory systems. This in turn helps relieve chest congestion or breathing issues. Hence the plant oil is used by asthmatics. It also heals:

* Spasmodic coughs

* Muscular cramps

* Convulsions

Fights Microbial Infections

Bacteria and viruses do not stand any chance against this plant. People who suffer from infections that cause sepsis have given positive reviews. The oil kills the staphylococcus aureus bacteria that causes sepsis.

Best Diuretic

As a good diuretic it promotes urination, which rids the body of many toxins. It helps the infiltration of water by the kidneys which encourages urination for the removal of Uric acid from your body. This is one of the prime health benefits of wintergreen. You can reduce excess water, fat, and salt from your body by consuming wintergreen regularly. This may help many in their weight loss journey. As a diuretic, it ensures your kidneys and urinary bladder are clear while avoiding the formation of stones.

Great for food

Other wintergreen uses are for food, candies, root beer and teas where it acts as a flavouring agent. Some prefer consuming raw wintergreen fruit. You could also convert them into syrups or even wine.

Other than the wintergreen uses mentioned above, its leaves are used extensively as a home remedy that is a good cure for headaches and general aches due to its aspirin-like healing properties.

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