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English Name : Barleria

Hindi Name : Vajradanti


Barleria prionitis is also referred to as Porcupine Flower, which acts as an important Ayurvedic herb for oral care. In fact, it is popularly known by its Sanskrit name Vajradanti in India, where vajra means ‘diamond’ and danti means ‘toothed’. Vicco has been an exponent of Vajradanti uses with its fine range of oral care products, especially pastes and powders.

There are ample medicinal properties for this flower in Ayurveda, which popularises Vajradanti uses. 

The tiny spiny shrub, which is native to India, has attractive yellow flowers. Ayurvedic practitioners use its leaves and bark to make juice, paste and decoction. Barleria prionitis medicinal uses are popular due to its astringent and diuretic properties. The higher quantities of potassium make the flower an ace curative. The extracts from the flower are also used to reduce general pain, inflammation and swelling.

But nothing beats barleria prionitis medicinal uses to cure teeth and gums issues. It is primarily used to offer relief from toothache and help with bleeding gums. Many researchers are working on understanding its effects in reducing oral plaque.

Let’s look at some of the salient features:

* Reduces the inflammation in gums

* Works in solving various gum disorders

* Reduces toothache

* Curbs gum bleeding

Just as your teeth need to be brushed, your gums need to be massaged as well. While Vicco Vajradanti paste removes food particles from the cavities and crevices of your teeth, the Vicco Vajradanti Powder strengthens your gums by allowing the essences of 18 rich herbs to percolate down the gum layers. This adds to the long list of vajradanti uses. Other than treating swollen and bleeding gums, it is also used to reduce the hardening of gums and healing of oral wounds.

The barleria prionitis medicinal uses don’t stop here. It is also great for your skin as Vajradanti leaves can be converted into a paste and applied on your pimples, eczema and boils. It is also used as an anti-fungal remedy, where it eradicates ringworms.

Barleria Prionitis Medicinal Uses:

* The juice contains various digestive qualities giving instant relief. People suffering from constipation, abdominal pain or even belching can benefit from this flower. Vajradanti has many anti-rheumatic properties which help in reducing swelling, inflammation and redness in your joints.

* Vajradanti uses are extended to tackle kidney stones

* It is supposed to be good for treating hair loss and alopecia, which is caused due to breakage of several hairs.

As per ancient ayurvedic practices, the juice of the leaves were mixed with honey and applied to the bleeding gums. On the other hand, leaves were bruised (with or without pellitory root ) and placed in the hollow of the aching tooth to reduce pain.

Modern-day barleria prionitis medicinal uses are:

* Make a decoction and orally consume for faster results

* Add the leaves and twigs to boiling water and consume the water once it cools down

You could choose from a wide range of Vicco Vajradanti products that are specially designed for you with care.

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