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Pandemic Lessons to Carry Forward In 2021

Pandemic Lessons to Carry Forward In 2021

If we had to thank the pandemic for anything, it has to be for the chance we got to reflect on our daily choices. From how to wash hands correctly, what to eat & what not to eat, how to boost immunity, we had to rethink our most basic habits and consumption patterns. We also took time to upskill, to spend time on hobbies, and to educate ourselves on various issues that needed our attention.

The consumers in 2021 cannot be messed around with false claims, or get blinded by shallow brand ideologies. From being vocal for local to switching to organic or natural products, it looks like we have finally learnt to differentiate between quality products to well-marketed products.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right products and take safe decisions, to gear up for 2021:

  1. Continue the Cautionary measures:
Though things have started looking better than the first half of the year, remember that we do not have access to the vaccine yet. Continue taking the hygiene protocols and keep building a robust immune system. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise & a good sleep pattern can boost up your immunity naturally.


  1. Let the healing season last:

As we spent most of 2020 indoors, our skin got a break from pollutants outside and also from the daily toxic treatment of cosmetics. It finally got the time to rejuvenate. Before we get back to the hustle-bustle, ensure you do not fall into the same trap again. Lookup for ayurvedic skin creams, do not break this healing process. Your skin may need special care in winters, so you can also try herbal body lotions for a change.


  1. Don't let the cosmetic crowd fool you:

Many cosmetic brands, observing the shift to natural, have started posing as ayurvedic beauty products—with little or no knowledge about Ayurveda and with aggressive marketing tactics. So the smart thing to do will be verifying the ingredients and check for certifications rather than trusting at paid reviews and ads.

  1. Go vocal for local:

It is a challenging time for the Indian economy, especially for local enterprises and low-income groups. Campaigns like Vocal for Local (inspired by the Swadeshi movement in 1905) are introduced to help sustain these businesses and also to help the economy. So, when you buy from an Indian brand, know that you are directly contributing to the healing of the economy.

      5Stay away from fake news:

Access information from authentic sources. Do not believe in WhatsApp forwards, excessive marketing, or quick claims to health. The Internet is a resourceful and accessible place, but do not get misled by incomplete or false data.

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