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Have you heard about these 5 gum disease Myths & Facts?

Have you heard about these 5 gum disease Myths & Facts?

Today you find millions of people suffering from gum disease at various stages of their lives. Gum infections are commonly caused due to our busy lifestyles, which lead to menacing gum problems. Here is where gum health takes precedence and equal importance as the other parts of your body.

For you to invest your time and effort in improving your gum health  you need to be aware and cautious of these 5 popular myths that have ruined many lives.

Common Gum Diseases

Teeth gum problems could occur along and beneath the gum line. Food particles tend to get clogged in your teeth if you do not clean well. This could lead to plaque build-up. Some common  gum infections  include:

  • Gingivitis
  • Swollen gums
  • Red Gums
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Periodontitis

Here are the 5 myths, misconceptions and gum disease facts:

It’s easy to spot gum disease

Logged bacteria and plaque accumulation are the major causes of gum infections. But under the supervision of an unskilled practitioner you may not recognise the signs. Its gets tricky to decipher as it is asymptomatic. A lot of times the gums don’t bleed, swell or cause pain. For this reason many issues go unnoticed. You need to keep checking the health of your gums to avoid complications.

Patients may lose teeth

That’s not the case always. Each patient has a different gum problem depending on their oral care routines. People suffering from extensive gum disease does need not lose their tooth. Like we mentioned above, there are different kinds of gum issues.

Bad breath is an indicator of Gum disease

Many cases have been caught at early and curable stages due to bad breath. Normally specialists do more investigations if they spot a patient with bad breath. Hence, it is good to take an appointment with your dentist when you suffer from bad breath.

Gum bleeding is common

Many individuals tend to bleed while brushing but blame it on the toothbrush. This may be a sign of gingivitis. Gum bleeding is an early sign of gum disease if your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. If you notice blood in your saliva, redness or irritation you need to see a dentist.

Gum problems are caused by cavities

Tooth and gum are connected for sure. But this does not mean that a decaying tooth would lead to gum problems. You may have healthy gums with decaying teeth. In fact, keep a watch on the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which are the major deterrents.

The best way to deal with gum infection and gum problems is by maintaining good gum health. You need to stay calm even if you are recommended any invasive operations and treatments as your dentist is the best judge of the situation. Always remember the golden rule for golden gums - monthly or quarterly dental visits depending on your gum problems

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