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How to wake up beautiful?

Less drama, more care. That should be your mantra when you wake up and before going to bed when it comes to your skin. To give your skin the love it deserves, you need the rejuvenating and healing properties of natural products. The nourishing qualities of ayurvedic products for skin are matchless. Hence, Vicco Turmeric Facewash tops the list of ayurvedic skincare products, and this is one product you can trust blindly.

But before you purchase the Turmeric Cream it is important to understand your skin and how simple steps help enhance it.

Get your facts right and get the best tips for beautiful skin in this article.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean!
The golden rule of skincare is cleansing. The dirt, pollution or even your makeup residue can clog your pores, which indirectly leads to acne and breakouts. While the thought of cleansing can be tiring, all you need is a little motivation to create a routine to achieve and maintain great skin. The next time you feel lazy for a cleanse just remember the long term benefits it has.

2. Rise & Moisturise
Sunlight is notorious for diminishing the nutrients your skin might need. This may lead to dry and damaged skin. Since your skin needs the right amount of moisture, you need to ensure it gets it when it's most needed. Natural skin creams are the best solution as the organic ingredients do so much more when produced using the science of Ayurveda. This is the reason Vicco Skin Care Products have had a great legacy and worldwide acceptance. Keep the cream overnight and wake up with glowing and amazing skin. If you have dry skin, you can also use Vicco’s new body lotion.

3. Are you getting your beauty sleep?
No one likes waking up looking horrible. Beauty sleep may sound trivial but this routine has a great impact on your skin and overall health. Lack of sleep is considered stressful by our body and stress leads to the production of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol leads to loss of skin elasticity, premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. Less sleep affects your immune system and blood sugar. Blood vessels are constricted by the production of cortisol, reducing oxygen and nutrients. A lot of studies show how sleep deprivation could also lead to critical ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. In fact, many scientific papers recommend beauty sleep for better health.
So do not forget to get a full night’s sleep and pair it up with ayurvedic products for your skin. We guarantee you will wake up with a brighter face.
We believe that a bright day starts and ends with a bright face. We all deserve good quality, glowing skin, and these simple tips and application of Vicco Skin Care products will help you achieve it.

All you need to remember is:

1. Cleanse thrice a day to keep the dirt, pollution and makeup residue away
2. Moisturise your face as it needs all the hydration to keep your skin glowing and bright
3. Add beauty sleep to the top of your list

You will see wonderful results by thoroughly following these hacks and creating a routine. So before you doze off tonight just remember these 3 points.

Now even you know how to wake up beautiful, naturally!

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