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Beleric Myrobalans / Behada 

English Name :  Beleric Myrobalans
Hindi NameBehada

Properties: Cures stomach issues, diarrhoea, indigestion and constipation

You can call it behada, baheda, Bibhitaki, Bhenda (In Marathi), bahera or beleric. These are the names for Beleric Myrobalans, which is the fruit of a large deciduous tree commonly found in plains and lower hills in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and other parts of Southeast Asia. For centuries, traditional medical practitioners and Ayurveda exponents have been bragging about behada benefits, and it continues to receive the popularity it deserves till date.

The fruits of the tree with ellipsoid seeds are pink in colour, and turn greyish when they dry. Behada uses have grown due to its medicinal and curative properties that have been used widely in ayurvedic practices.

The fruit extracts have a vast range of bioactive elements that make them a great option for various treatments. The fruit gets its richness due to the existence of flavonoids, tannins, terpenes, phenolic compounds, and glycoside derivatives. Other than these behada benefits many people as it is a great source of:

* Gallic acid

* Pseudo tannins

* Ellagitannins

* Chebulic & non-chebulic acid

* Ellagic acid

* Ttriterpenes

* Ethyl gallate

* Galloyl glucose

Health Benefits of Behada

Gives relief from constipation
This is a wonder fruit for people who suffer from constipation. It is one of the most important elements in ayurvedic treatment for constipation as it is a natural laxative. Since it is high in fibre it helps in digestion and helps you pass stools with ease due to its lubricating effect on your gastroenteric tract. Research shows behada uses to heal and clear your intestinal tract, in turn, helping you deal with any kind of stomach issues, abdominal pains or IBS.

Cures Diarrhoea
Behada benefits people suffering from Diarrhoea effectively. It inhibits the production of ricinoleic acid, nitric oxide and prostaglandins E2, leading to faster results in treating diarrhoea. Ayurvedic practitioners advise grinding the behada and consuming the same with a teaspoon of honey.

Helps in Indigestion
When you suffer from indigestion you may have abdominal pain, gas or even bloat of your stomach. Belleric myrobalan is your answer to indigestion. A common ayurvedic recipe is to make a fine decoction. You can start by grinding equal parts of behada, licorice roots and some pepper. Now add the powder to 500ml of water and start boiling the same. You can consume 100ml of this wonder decoction twice a day. The behead benefits are visible quickly.

Great for Cough and Cold
You can use the fruit for many kinds of respiratory disorders. It reduces cough and clogged sinuses. The behada benefits mentioned by Ayurveda practitioners point to releasing mucus, clearing the air path, and reducing bronchial contractions.

Natural Mouthwash

This amazing fruit acts as a great mouthwash when boiled in water. It reduces bad odour and is effective in treating mouth ulcers.

Weight Loss

Belleric myrobalan or behada uses every day can help curb your appetite

You can find the mention of Behada uses in ancient ayurvedic scriptures , and it remains a favourite of various medical practitioners for its bio active and curative properties. The world is still discovering the possibilities of Behada uses through Ayurveda and other medical streams.

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