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Winter Regimen: From Ayurvedic Beauty Products to Herbal Pain Relief

Winter Regimen: From Ayurvedic Beauty Products to Herbal Pain Relief

Take away the dryness of skin & scalp with winter lotion, the bouts of joint pain, the oh-so-sensitive teeth— and, we got no reason to hate on winter. The merriment of winter is long-awaited, and with festivities the hustle and bustle become unavoidable. But fret not, we got your back (or whatever muscle that needs relief); and your teeth (because nothing should hold you back from munching on Diwali sweets); and of course, not letting them winter woes get to your skin.

Lo and behold! This winter, we present to you: our curated winter care regimen.

Herbal Face wash: to not irritate your already cranky winter skin

Your skin may not always take the coldness of winter very well, and may get irritated often. Vicco’s Ayurvedic face wash handles it with the warmth of turmeric, leaving it soft and supple. Its turmeric extracts deep-cleanse your skin.

Pro tip:

Use lukewarm water to wash your face & body. Hot water removes the natural oil and moisture from your skin, making it dry & itchy.

Herbal Body Winter lotion: to nourish your skin, naturally.

Applying layers of chemical-based winter lotion to help with dry skin would only protect it for time-being. Vicco’s body Winter lotion, on the other hand, has healing properties that improve the tonal value of your skin.

Pro tip: 

Moisturize your skin within 3 minutes of washing your body and face. Don’t let the temperature get to your skin before your moisturizer does.

Herbal Pain Relief: to heal body & muscle pain

The stiffness and aching of joints are quite common in winters because your pain receptors become extra sensitive in this season. The quick pain relievers in the market might give you temporary relief, but for complete healing, you can always trust Ayurveda. Vicco’s Narayani range is a perfect blend of essential herbs that are rich with anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to fight off cold & cough.

Pro tip: Increase your intake of Vitamin D. Keep yourself active & wear warm clothes.

Ayurvedic paste & powder: to help with sensitivity

Your teeth have a thick outer coating to protect the sensitive inner areas of your teeth, which is called Enamel. Cold temperature contracts the teeth enamel and sends sharp pangs to your teeth. Vicco’s Vajradanti range protects your teeth naturally, without exposing them to harmful chemicals like fluoride. It has astringent, antiseptic, and analgesic properties for holistic care of your gums and teeth.

Pro tip: Keep yourself hydrated, it improves saliva formation, and makes your teeth resistant to decay.

Ayurvedic Skin Cream: to recover from skin damage

Night time’s your skin’s recovery time, and it must be fed natural ingredients and a 7-hour undisturbed sleep for that. Vicco’s WSO cream does the job gently, and does not leave dry and chapped the next morning. This ayurvedic skin cream helps you retain skin’s natural moisture.

Pro tip: Stop using excessive cosmetic products; it will irritate your skin further. Lock in a minimal, natural skin-care routine that takes care of your overall skin health.

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