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Teeth Stains: Types and What Causes Stains on Tee

Teeth Stains: Types and What Causes Stains on Tee

Nowadays removing teeth stains are simpler with the bounty of Vicco dental and oral care products. But before you choose from Vicco’s vast selection of products, you should question what causes stains on teeth.

Three Types of Teeth Stains

(1) Extrinsic stains
(2) Intrinsic stains
(3) Age-related teeth stains

Let us break it down further:

Extrinsic Stains
The outer layer of your teeth comes in contact with various food items. The loss of enamel leads to yellow colouring and teeth stains. Your lifestyle and diet choices impact your teeth. People who smoke and drink coffee, cola and other teeth-staining foods and drinks are very prone to extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic Stains
Cleaning your teeth from the inside can be tricky, and that is what causes stains on teeth. Darkened or yellow-tinted teeth are caused due to bad oral habits. Fluoride is the biggest villain. Even some medications can lead to stains. Intrinsic teeth stains are harder to resolve compared to extrinsic stains.

Age-Related Stains
Aging teeth can be a significant issue and makes it difficult for removing teeth stains. As you age your enamel wears out leading to tooth discolouration, decay, and damage. The consumption of various food and drinks, followed by tartar and dentin formation can be a deterrent as you age. The trickiest part is the thinning of your teeth over years, which creates a lot of issues.

It is important to take immediate action and start making an effort towards removing teeth stains. With Vicco’s wide and rich range of natural products made using the ancient science of Ayurveda.

3 Simple Rules for Shinier, Healthier and Stronger Teeth and Gums

  • Using natural products
  • Maintaining an oral hygiene routine
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

You could also start by avoiding the following food items:

(A) Coffee
(B) Chocolates and sugar candies
(C) Citrus Fruits
(D) Soft Drinks
(E) Tea

Coffee is one of the biggest tooth discolouration agents, as it messes with your mouth’s pH balance. Experts advise drinking coffee with a straw to avoid direct contact with a larger part of your teeth.

Chocolates and sugar candies have been infamous for their effects by causing aggressive types of teeth stains and tooth decay. You do not need to stop eating chocolate and sugar candies. In fact, you need to reduce your consumption.

Even citrus fruits destroy your delicate tooth enamel as they are acidic in nature. You should avoid fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, limes, and lemons, as they are extremely acidic. Just remember to brush twice a day with the Vicco Vajradanti paste.

Soft drinks are known to cause tooth issues in children and adults. Sugary snacks, sugary drinks, colas and other carbonated drinks have adverse effects. As soft drinks increase oral acidity it encourages the growth of harmful bacteria.

Some studies show that tea causes heavier stains compared to coffee. A lot of the black, green, and herbal teas available in the market contain tannins. Different teas cause different types of teeth stains. Hence you should choose herbal, chamomile and hibiscus teas that do not cause staining and discolouration. You can also reduce the impact of tea by adding some milk to your drink.

In the end, the biggest solution lies in getting the right Vicco products for the right way to care for your teeth!

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