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Care for Your Shoulder with Vicco Pain Relief Spray

You may not believe it, but your shoulder is the most used part of your body. Being the most movable joint, it goes through a lot of wear and tear. You are reading this as you could be suffering from swelling, damaged joints, bone anomalies or even a ligament tear. But do not panic as we have elaborated on how to get relief from shoulder pain and have listed some shoulder pain remedies at home which could help temporarily or could be added to your wellness routine. You could even find quick relief with the best pain relief spray available in the market.
Shoulder issues could be tricky as some get resolved in a few weeks without any treatment while others can last for a long time. We always recommend to consult your doctor in case of severe pain, swelling, redness or any bone breakage.
Before you get the best shoulder pain spray from the nearest medical store, you need to know the possible causes of shoulder pain. The four most common reasons are what you need to keep in mind.

  • Nothing Bites Like a Frozen Shoulder
    It is also known as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder where in your shoulder gets stiff. When untreated it lasts for 2-3 years.
  • Watch Out for Your Rotator cuff
    This group of muscles and tendons surround your shoulder joint which is important for stability. This disorder is the most common cause of shoulder and neck pain. This first thing to do with a rotator cuff issue is to start medication, use a shoulder pain spray, and consult your doctor if your pain increases and interferes with everyday activities.
  •  Overuse Leads to Strains
    A new exercise routine or any other excessive activity places stress on your shoulders. Middle aged people suffer from the same, especially those who do not exercise regularly.
  • Arthritis is Not Just Among the Old
    It can start in your early 50s. You can experience restricted movements with constant pain. The surface of your cartilage could wear out and cause pain. Another problem is Osteoarthritis, which is caused due to overuse. People with arthritis are advised to consult a doctor if home remedies do not work and you do not know how to get relief from shoulder pain anymore.

Broken bones, ligament tears, joint dislocations or even polymyalgia rheumatica could be the reason for shoulder pain.

Some Shoulder Pain Remedies at Home -

  • Start with Medication
    Use anti-inflammatory medications without steroids as first action. This helps reduce the pain or inflammation in the area that is affected. Take your doctor’s advice before you consume any of these. You could even apply the best spray for pain along with the medication.
  • Ice your shoulder
    Start with icing your shoulder for ten minutes and continue for another twenty minutes or so till you see any positive effects. Wrap the ice in cloth or get an ice pack from your nearest medical store.
  • Apply heat
    Electric heating pads are available at a lot of medical stores. You could even have a mild hot shower for 5 to 10 minutes, which could give you temporary relief. The body reacts well to medium heat levels, and in some cases, heals the issue.
  • Get a good Massage
    Sore muscles need to be eased. Get a professional help from a physiotherapist or a certified masseuse.

This article may help you with how to get relief from shoulder pain at home. But you need to consult a doctor immediately if:

  • The pain does not reduce with painkillers
  • The pain worsens in the mornings or before going to bed
  • It is a hinderance in daily activities
  • There is swelling or redness in the area

 Your shoulder needs more attention. The best part is you can completely recover from a shoulder pain if you really care!

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