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5 Tips for Healthy Hair!

5 Tips for Healthy Hair!

Do you remember the times your mother oiled your hair? Or the nutritious meals she gave you for great hair? Well, mothers are always right when it comes to hair care tips! Today, let us look at some of the finest tips for healthy hair passed down from generations and certified by experts.

Hair Oil is important

 A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Oils have always been known for their hair improvement and maintenance qualities. Regular use of hair oil prevents dandruff, keeps your scalp hydrated and nourishes your hair. Damaged, frizzy and broken hair is quickly repaired and restored. Oil also protects your hair from external elements and weather changes, especially during monsoon. It is great for people with dry, flaky and sensitive scalp. You can always count on the nourishing qualities of Vicco Hair Oil, which is made from finest-quality Ayurvedic ingredients that help in promoting hair growth, improve texture and increase volume. 

Great products = great hair

You need to know your hair. IIt is important to observe how your hair feels, behaves and reacts to the hair products you have been using. This is crucial in deciding how to manage hair fall, damaged hair and promote hair growth. You can maintain a diary on the effects of particular products on your hair. This helps in realizing the products that work well for you.

Go Natural

With natural products you know what you are getting. Vicco Hair Oil is a classic natural product that is packed with organic ingredients that are carefully chosen and extracted into this fine oil. It has helped millions of people in combating hair fall, improving growth and maintaining healthy hair in the long run.

Massaging is more than fun

Scalp massages are the most underrated techniques for hair growth, which has been proven by professionals. This is one of the best and most effective hair care tips you could ever get. Just use your fingertips to make gentle, circular motions that promote blood circulation in that area. You could even massage your scalp while applying shampoo, which would also help in exfoliating. So the next time you are done with your haircut you could request your barber for a quick massage.

Avoiding a few steps can be rewarding for your hair

Experts advise to not wash your hair frequently as the chemicals in shampoos can damage it. Even minimize your use of hair dryers which may lead to hair breakage of hair. Do not rub your hair vigorously after a wash as it may cause hair fall.

What you eat shows on your hair !

 Our mothers have always emphasized on the nutritional value of green leafy vegetables. Other than that, you need to get your essential fatty acids from walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and avocado. Also boost your biotin to improve the health of your scalp health with oats, different nuts and brown rice. Iron is essential for hair growth for which you should consume green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, figs and berries.  Damaged and broken hair can be fixed with Vitamin E available in pine nuts, spinach, olives and almonds. Nutrition plays an important part in maintaining healthy hair for longer.

Now that you are equipped with all this knowledge it is time you put it to use. Get your pack of Vicco Hair Oil, and show your hair some love and care.

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