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How to deal with Joint Pain in Winters

How to deal with Joint Pain in Winters

Joint Pain Relief Care

Joint pain in winter season is the worst. Especially for people with arthritis and muscle soreness winters can be gruelling. It’s not just an issues with old people but even among people under 30 these days. Atmospheric pressure in winters cause joints to swell; that accompanied by a lack of movement and unhealthy diet can lead to issues. Ayurvedic pain relief gel is one such solution to this problem.

Don't be a couch potato

All we want to do in winters is curl up in our blankets, binge-watch and eat junk, but the fun might not last. Being inactive in winters can lead to stiffness and pain in joints. Lift weights at gym, jog, take brisk walks or stretch with yoga or Zumba or whatever keeps your body moving. Do not sit in one place for too long. Keep switching your work-from-home sitting arrangement, and keep Vicco Narayani’s ayurvedic gel for knee pain handy

Watch your weight

Cosy winter nights might make your tummy crave for all things yummy. You will gain weight faster than it would take for you to notice the change. These unhealthy gains will add to joint pain in winter season leading to sensitive joints and cause stiffness & pain. Make sure you allow proper healing with Narayani’s ayurvedic gel for knee pain rather than settling for quick fixes. Eat food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, D & K. Avoid trans fats & omega 6 fatty acids.

Dress for the season

Make sure your wardrobe in winter-ready. Always carry a sweater, scarf and a pair of socks. Cover your fingers and toes when it gets too cold. Keep Vicco Narayani ayurvedic pain killer gel handy in case you catch a cold or cough. Apply it on your forehead, chest and back for relief from a blocked or runny nose.

Keep calm & hydrate

Cold weather makes you dehydrated quite often, which might make you feel tired and dull. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Load up on juices, soups or herbal teas. And do not forget to order your ayurvedic gel for knee pain so you are doubly prepared.

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