Vicco Turmeric Shaving Cream (WSO)

Vicco Turmeric Shaving Cream
The antiseptic property of turmeric helps to heal cuts and nicks and the Sandalwood Oil content in it provides a soothing effect.
Sandalwood Oil provides a refreshing and cooling effect on your skin and also nourishes it. It improves the natural health of the skin and adding luster to your complexion. Vicco Turmeric cream in Shaving Cream base serves 3 purposes, Before Shave (Moisturising), In-Shave and After Shave (Antiseptic) by its tender, antiseptic and fragrant lather that assures day-long bloom and freshness of face.
Vicco Turmeric-S Cream in Shaving Cream Base with foam is available in two varieties; one with Sandalwood Oil and the other without Sandalwood Oil.
The use of Vicco Turmeric Cream in Shaving Cream Base will be a great refreshing experience.
 ngredients: Turmeric, Sandalwood Oil

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  1. I have recently tried this and it was very nice experience in ndeed for homegrown Cream!!

    Very refreshing mild fragrance.

    Spreads quickly and creats lots good foam layer on the skin.

    Thanks for nice Cream for men! 🙂

    Yours truly

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