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Vicco in Top 3 position in oral hygiene as per MAB rank

When people become successful, they tend to become less objective. They often substitute their own judgement for what the market wants. However, in case of Vicco, it is correctly producing and supplying safe and quality natural products to its valued customers.

Day-by-day graph of Vicco's products acceptability is showing increasing trend amongst its unique consumers. The reason being, the customers are becoming more quality conscious and choose to have safe products for their daily consumption.

In other words, the consumers being fed up with side effects of chemicals, and rather than putting harmful chemical containing products in their mouth or applying to the skin, they prefer to have products from the ayurvedic/herbal source. The recent study of ‘Most Attractive Brands' survey indicates, Vicco's 3rd position in oral category in personal hygiene products.

Vicco was on 254th position in 2013 among the first thousand ‘Most Attractive Brands' has come to 118th position as per the 2015 survey report says.

It is not only in India, but also in abroad too, the Triclosan containing toothpastes are banned by U.S. Food and Drugs Administration, because of its side effects. There is tremendous reluctance from the consumers around the globe, for fluoride containing toothpastes too. As children tend to swallow the toothpaste containing fluoride and large numbers of children are affected due to disorder of skeleton fluorosis caused due to use of fluoride toothpaste, in which bones became brittle. The disease called skeleton fluorosis as per the report of World Health Organization and fluoride toothpaste was banned.

And, therefore, "it is better to be safe than sorry", says Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director of Vicco Laboratories while talking to the press. He reiterated, "our customers are quality conscious and so are we !!!"