We cannot control the virus, the economy, or any of the repercussions that will slowly reveal themselves. The virus has restricted us in our houses. But we can definitely use lockdown time to nourish and heal. Because one thing is for sure, this too shall pass, and while we have these extra moments, let’s make the most of them to care for our skin and oral health.

#LOCKDOWN Time Skin Care Time

Time to take care of your skin while staying @ home. 
Make the most out of extra moments offered by
the #lockdown.

Step up your skin in 2 easy steps

Time to make most out of extra moments offered by the #lockdown. Avail the benefitsof trusted Ayurveda for your skin. Follow these 2 easy steps for long term skin benefits:

Step1: Wash your face with Vicco Turmeric with Foam Base

Step2: Apply Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

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Unlock your natural skin in 2 easy steps

VICCO is offering benefits of trusted Ayurvedastraight to your skinin 2 easy steps