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Why Do We Get Face Acne? Regardless of the type of acne, you have (whiteheads or blackheads), they are mostly caused by clogged pores. Our pores usually clog when oil and dead skin cells build up on them. As I already said, most acne breakouts occur in the early teen years, when hormones run rampant making our skin more oily than normal. Girls can make things even worse by using oily makeup and cosmetics. It is often said that women suffer from more intense acne breakouts than men because they use oily makeup. What happens is they spot some acne on their face and immediately start applying more makeup to cover it up. This leads to even more clogged pores and a more intense breakout on the face.

Treatment Overview 

First, I`d like to point out that there is no one, magical cure which will clear your face and prevent acne from even coming back (maybe there is but I haven`t found it yet).

What you need to do is change your habits, adopt and incorporate every single tip you get and slowly fight acne until there are none left!

Here are some tips I`d like to share with you today, to get you started on this journey!

Do`s and Don`ts

Here is something you should avoid doing at all cost: Popping your pimples – this is the most common tip people get but this is probably the most common tip people often disregard… Why? It is my honest opinion that people usually disregard it because no one told them why popping your pimples is bad. Since acne is often filled with bacteria, popping them will spread these bacteria across nearby pores and possibly cause a bigger breakout. So don`t do it!

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar and milk – though this link between foods and drinks high in sugar and increased acne breakouts has never been corroborated by a major scientific study, some new emerging evidence is showing that there is something to this claim. As for milk, the famous  “Nurse`s health study” examining 47.000 healthy nurses showed that those who drank milk as teenagers had much higher rates of severe acne compared to those who didn’t.

Touching your face – as much as you clean them, your hands will always have some dirt and bacteria on them, by touching your face you can get that bacteria on your face and cause more skin care problems.

Turmeric as a beauty is best known for its antiseptic properties, thereby considered as the healer aid as well as a repairing agent of our skin. Also, it is believed that turmeric reduces facial hair by thinning the hair shaft and eventually adds radiance and glow to your beautiful skin.

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