Toothpaste ingestion bad for health

Toothpaste ingested in the human body causes more harm than good

When the mean amount of toothpaste ingested by an individual per brushing is summed up for a life time it comes up to 5 buckets of toothpaste. This is about 20 gallons (64kg), which is a huge amount of toothpaste one may not even imagine to have consumed. It is more important to know what one may have consumed through the toothpaste. To find this out, it is advised to go over the list of ingredients mentioned on the label of toothpaste tube.  There is a list of ingredients on every toothpaste tube. Most commonly the list consists of mostly chemicals.

In fact out of 5 buckets of toothpaste, about 1 bucket is the weight of chemicals you consume in your life through brushing.

Certainly the most common ingredients one may find in toothpaste are fluoride and triclosan. They are known to make teeth strong and prevent cavities. However the recent study shows that chemicals like fluoride and triclosan that keep accumulating in the body are very toxic in nature and may lead to serious long-term health risks. 1

Even if the toothpaste isn’t swallowed, potentially toxic chemical ingredients present in it are likely to pass into the bloodstream. About 90% of these toxic substances are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and make their way into the bloodstream, posing serious health risks.2

These harmful substances have been linked to fluoride toxicity, mouth mucosa irritation, endocrine disruption, reproductive system toxicity, and cancer, as well as various other health problems2

How can you avoid consuming using these lots of chemicals?

Now when you know that while using chemical based toothpaste some toxic ingredients always pass into your blood. Now what if you switch the chemical based toothpaste to a more natural one?. A natural product contains plant herbs and other substances found in nature which is completely safe.3

“Since more and more studies have shown an association between potentially toxic chemicals present in conventional toothpastes and their adverse effects on dental health and the rest of the body, switching to herbal extracts for prevention and control of dental problems is the need of the hour,” says Dr. Bhairav B. Tawshikar Kulkarni, MD, Ayurveda Medicine, Shree Siddhivinayak Ayurved Panchakarma Center.


Dentifrices with herbal extracts are clinically proven to be safer than and as effective as conventional toothpastes. Not only are they gentler on the teeth and gums, but also control plaque, gingivitis and other dental problems safely.4

How natural toothpaste are better

While buying toothpaste make sure to read the labels carefully to ensure that the toothpaste contains only natural ingredients.

“Some dozens of herbal toothpaste brands available in the market claiming that their product is completely organic and are free from fluoride, triclosan and other harmful substances. But the fact is that not all herbal toothpastes are created equal, so it is important for customers to check labels of herbal toothpastes for their ingredients”, advises Dr Rohan Virani, Dentist, MDS(OMMFR) MIFL(GERMANY), AFFLIATE ICOI.




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